About me - Dani Nuda, Fotógrafo de bodas



I was born in a town in Barcelona in 1989.

I currently live photographing weddings all over the world, and I will be happy to be able to go to any wedding, wherever. Thanks to this work I have been able to fulfill all my dreams. Weddings…, what do they mean to me… since I was a child, I was anxiously waiting for a family member to get married so that I could go and enjoy a special day.

Traveling is another of my great passions that I always wanted and I was not lucky enough to be able to do it until today. I have done reports in various countries such as Argentina, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Cuba, France and throughout Spain (Andalusia, Catalonia, the Canary Islands…).


I love what I do and I move with my heart, for me money is not the important thing in life but to be happy, being able to live doing what I love is the best gift that life can give me.

I am passionate about photography and of course I adore my profession, although I feel like an unconventional photographer, I consider myself a photographer of essence, I am passionate about capturing those special moments that go unnoticed, that make the big day unique and make a difference.

I think that we project what we are, what we carry inside us and I try to capture in my images the love I feel for what I do… and at the same time, that all those very special feelings that are experienced on a day as wonderful as when You say «I do».

I believe in love, just as I believe that it is forged from small details, from intimate moments that make your partner unique and special…

For me the most important thing is to capture every moment and detail of the wedding without you stopping to enjoy a single minute of your big day! Capturing the complicity of a look, a hug, that moment that moves us and makes tears of happiness flow, a kiss, a caress, arranging her hair,… Because I look for those little details that make each gesture special, each moment unique and unrepeatable… Sensations that you will live on that wonderful day without going unnoticed.

That when you see the photographs again you can relive the magic, the essence, the emotion of that special day. That you have the sensation that your skin stands on end giving your retina the most special moments of your wedding.


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